The League’s library is a great resource for students, providing quiet space to browse through a myriad of art books. Students are also permitted to sketch from books (with pencil only!) or from the library’s skeleton and bone collection. Two computers and a copy machine are also available for student use.

Please note that the library is a reference library, and as such does not circulate the books in its collection. In addition to art books, the library also offers a number of resources related to the professional development aspects of art such as business and marketing, art law, financial assistance, gallery information, etc. Some of these books are listed below. Each entry contains the book’s call number and year, plus the title and a description.

Additionally, we have included below a short list of agencies and resources that might also help artists who are seeking information, assistance or other services. The library now subscribes to the Foundation Center’s powerful Grants to Individuals Online Database, which can be accessed only in the library.

The library is located between the second and third floors of the League. Visitors can take the elevator to floor 3, and walk down a short flight of stairs. Please call ahead to verify library hours.


BF408.E38 1987 Drawing on the Artist Within: An Inspirational Guide to Increasing Your Creative Powers Betty Edwards. New York: Simon & Schuster Creative thinking, problem solving
BF408.G565 2007 Unlock Your Creative Genius Bernard Golden. Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books Dealing with Creative Inhibitions and learning to move forward
BF408.M33 1994 The Courage to Create Rollo May. New York:W.W. Norton Creative ability
BF408.R14 1991 Artists All: Creativity, the University, and the World Burton Raffel. University Park Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press Creative ability
BF408.V58 1998 A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative, 3rd Edition Roger Von Oech. New York: Warner Books, Creative thinking, Success and psychological aspects
BF411.H37 1984 Higher Creativity: Liberating the Unconscious for Breakthrough Insights Willis W. Harman. Los Angeles, Boston: J.P. Tarcher, distributed by Houghton Mifflin Insight and creative ability
NX705.5.U6 L53 2006 Guide to Getting Arts Grants Ellen Liberatori. New York: Allworth Press Fund raising, grant proposal writing
N347.M59 1993 Money for Visual Artists: A Guide to grants, awards, fellowships Douglas Oxenhorn, researcher. N.Y.: Allworth Press with the American Council for the Arts
LB2336.F599 2009 Foundation Grants to Individuals.2009 Foundation Center. New York Information on scholarships, endowments, student loans, fellowships, financial management
NX705.5.U6 L53 2006 Guide to Getting Arts Grants Ellen Liberatori. New York: Allworth Press Fund raising, grant proposal writing
N347.M59 1993 Money for Visual Artists: A Guide to grants, awards, fellowships Douglas Oxenhorn, researcher. N.Y.: Allworth Press with the American Council for the Arts
LB2336.F599 2009 Foundation Grants to Individuals.2009 Foundation Center. New York Information on scholarships, endowments, student loans, fellowships, financial management
KF390.A7A785 1988 The Artists Friendly Legal Guide. Artist Marketplace series Floyd Conner, Roger Gilchrist, et al .Cincinnati, Ohio: Northlight Books Contracts, copyright, taxation, etc.
KF390.A7C68 2005 Business and Legal Forms for Fine Artists Tad Crawford. New York: Allworth Press Artists legal status, U.S. laws, etc.
KF390.A7 P56 1988 The Art Law Primer A Manuel for Visual Artists Linda E. Pinkerton. New York:N. Lyons Artists’ legal status, laws, contracts, copyright,etc.
KF390.A7R877 2005 Art Law Conversations: a Surprisingly Readable Guide for Visual Artists Elizabeth Russell. Madison Wi.: Ruly Press Artists’ legal status
KF4288.Z9D8 2006 Art Law in a Nutshell Leonard D.Duboff & Christy O. King. St. Paul, Minn.: Thompson/West U.S. laws, artist’s legal status
KF390.A7C73 1999D Legal Guide for the Visual Artist Tad Crawford. New York: Allworth Press artists’ legal status
KF390.A7F45 1988, Supp. 1993 Art Law: Rights and Liabilities of Creators and Collectors Franklin Feldman. Englewod Cliffs,N.J.: Prentice Hall Law and art, legislation
KF947.C7 2008 The Artist-Gallery Partnership: A Practical Guide to Consigning Art. 3rd rev ed. Tad Crawford & Susan Mellon. New York: Allworth Press Contracts and rules in consignment of art
KF3024.C6A97 2003 Artists, Technology and the Ownership of Creative Content: Creative Control In the Digital Age: Scenarios for the Future Annenberg School of Communications(USC);Series: Creativity, Commerce and Culture Copyright and electronic data processing, U.S.
NCN D 103b Sculpture Review , Summer 2002 New York: National Sculpture Society Issue on copyright
N50.A77 Art Diary International Milan, Italy: G. Politi;Flash Art Books Directory of art galleries, museums, societies, artists, critics
N50.I5 1995-96 International Directory of the Arts
N51.A77 1995 ArtNetwork Yellow Pages New York: Artists services, directories; equipment and supplies
NX396.6 .N38 2001/2002 National Directory of Arts Internships California Institute of the Arts Study and teaching
N6505.B575 2009 Art – Work: Everything you need to know ( and do) as you pursue your art career Heather Darcy Bhandari.New York: Free Press vocational guidance; steps in setting up and running an artists business
HD 6054.4 U6L88 1999 Breaking Through the Clutter: Business Solutions for Women Artists, and Entrepreneurs Judith Luther Wilder. Los Angeles: National Network for Artists Placement Woman and business enterprises; entrepreneurship
HF5415.1265 S6142 Internet 101 for artists: with a special guide to selling art on EBay 2007 Constance Smith with Susan Greeves. 2nd ed.Nevada City Ca: Art Network Internet marketing; art marketing, selling
N6505.C328 2007 Careers in Art Blythe Camenson. New York: McGraw-Hill vocational guidance; different art fields
N6505.G657 2004D The Fine Artist’s Career Guide: Making Money in the Arts and Beyond Daniel Grant. New York: Allworth Press Vocational guidance
N6505.M46 2009 How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul Caroll Michels. New York: Henry Holt and Co. Vocational guidance; marketing
N6535, N5G73 2001 An Artist’s Guide to Making It in New York City Daniel Grant. New York: Allworth Press Vocational guidance; economic and social conditions
N8350.D667 2004 Living the Artist’s Life: Growing persevering and succeeding in the world of creative passion Paul Dorrell. Kansas City,Mo.: Hillstead Publishing
N8350.H6 1983 Art Career Guide: A Guidance Handbook for Art Students, Teachers, Vocational Counselors, & Job Hunters Donald Holden. New York: Watson-Guptill Vocational guidance
N8350 .L36 2006 Taking the Leap : Building a career as a visual artist. Gay Lang. San Francisco: Chronicle Books Vocational guidance
N8353. S632 2007 Art Marketing 101: A handbook for the fine artist Constance Smith. Nevada City, Ca.: Art Network
Art marketing
N8353 .V54 2007 Art Office: 80+Busiiness Forms,Charts,Sample Letters, Legal Documents & Business Plans for Fine Artists Constance Smith. Nevada City,Ca. ArtNetwork
N8600. B875 1989 The Business of Art Lee Evan Caplin. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall Economic aspects; marketing
N8600 .C48 1983D The Artist’s Guide to the Art Market Betty Chamberlain. New York: Watson- Guptill Art marketing
N8600.D36 2005 A Gallery Without Walls: Selling Art In Alternative Venues Margaret Danielak. Nevada City, Ca.: Art Network Art marketing
N8600 .D867 2009 Selling Art 101: The Art of Creative Selling Robert Regis Dvorak. Nevada City. Ca.: Art Network Economic aspects; marketing
N8600 .G69 1996 The Artist’s Resource Handbook Daniel Grant. New York: Allworth Press Directory; vocational guidance
N8600 .G7 2000 The Business of Being an Artist Daniel Grant. New York: Allworth Press Art marketing
N8600 .K36 Promoting and Selling Your Art Carole Katchen. New York: Watson-Guptill Art marketing
N8600 .S73 2008 I’d Rather be in the Studio: The artist’s no-excuse guide to self-promotion Alyson B. Stanfield. Golden, Co.: Pentas Press Art marketing, career steps
N8600 .V57 2003 The Fine Artist’s Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion Julius Vitali. New York: Allworth Press Vocational guidance; art marketing
N8600 .W66 2007 Licensing art 101: publishing and licensing your artwork for profit. Michael Woodward. Nevada City, Ca.: ArtNetwork Marketing, copyright, art publishing
NCN D 117 2003 International Guide to Art Fairs and Antiques Shows New York: Artmediaco,Inc. Venues
NCN D 184 2006 Effective Websites for Artists and Art Groups Bob Nicholson, Sunnydale, Ca.:WYGK Publishing Ways to use the Internet for art business
N8670.A88 1998 Art Price Indicator
NCN D 98 Choosing a Gallery or Getting a Gallery to Choose You An Art Calendar Guide .Series A Compilation of articles from past issues of Art Calendar magazine, 1997
NCN D 99 Building a Good Portfolio. An Art Calendar Guide Series, 1997
NCN D 100 Reps, Consultants, and Agents. An Art Calendar Guide, 1997
NCN D101a Successful Slides: Photographing Your Artwork An Art Calendar Guide Series, 1997 Presentation
NCN D101b Hot Buttons: Jurors on Jurying An Art Calendar Guide, 1997 Process of judging in competitions
NCN D 198 2007 Art Festival Guide: the artist’s guide to selling in art festivals Maria Arango. Las Vegas, Nev. Venues
NX26.N4N48 1983 The New York Fine Artist’s Source Book New York: Department of Cultural Affairs artists societies, directories, manuals
NX110.N37 1992 National Resource Guide for Artist Placement National Network for Artist Placement Arts, US Directories, vocational guidance, scholarships, etc
NX260.S55 1996 Arts and the Internet: a guide to the revolution V.A. Shiva. New York: Allworth Press Arts computer network resources
Galleries & Dealers
N8630.L63 1992 Locus Select: A Guide to Major American Art Dealers with Their Historical & Contemporary Artists & Photographers Cheryl Filsinger. New York: Filsinger & Co.
N8659.D4 2002 The Art Dealers: The powers behind the scene tell how the art world really works Laura De Coppet. New York: Cooper Square Press Interviews with art dealers
N8660.G5 A313 1996 Diary of an Art Dealer Rene Gimpel. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux Art dealers in France
N8660.V6 A2 1978b Recollections of a Picture Dealer Ambroise Vollard. New York: N.L. Brown Art dealer in France
NCN D 197 2007 Cautionary Tales: Critical Curating Steven Rand, Heather Kouris. New York: Apex Art Issues in curating as a profession
Other Resources
Foundation Center
A clearinghouse of information and services for individuals and non-profit organizations seeking financial assistance. The center has prepared extensive databases, guides to grant seeking, and proposal writing, and detailed bibliographies. The center also offers online and classroom courses.New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)
Provides varied services for New York state artists including information on grants and other resources, an awards program, employment opportunities, a sponsorship program, articles on the business of art, classified ads, etc. Information is frequently updated.The New York Public Library
One of the largest libraries in the world with extensive collections and services.
Includes both reference libraries and circulating libraries within the five boroughs. Their Art library is located in the Mid-Manhattan branch at 455 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan; Their Science & Business library is located at 188 Madison Ave., Manhattan. Most services are available free-of-charge.Art Deadlines List
This newsletter prepares two lists each month ( one is free, one paid subscription) on financial assistance in the visual arts including scholarships, competitions, jobs,contest,grants, fellowships, festivals, and numerous other resources for artists.Michigan State University (MSU) libraries: Arts Grants
A very detailed bibliography and compilation of agencies and foundations offering grants to individuals in the arts, a listing of books on financial assistance, and additional databases on financial assistance offerings.