Constitution Changes
New Proposal for January 27 Meeting

The new Amendment being proposed by the Board of Control and the Constitutional Reform Committee for member approval at the January 27 Members Meeting would consolidate several sections dealing with Board of Control elections under By-Law XII, which makes the process easier to understand. The proposed Amendment would also add language to obligate The League to hold a “meet the candidates forum” each year during the campaign season. You can see the full mark-up in the document below:

Amendment Regarding Meet the Candidates Forum an Consolidating Election Processes


Earlier Amendments

The following documents  explain and set out Amendments to the League’s Constitution and By-Laws approved by the Board of Control October 27, 2020 for consideration at the League’s Annual Members Meeting Scheduled for December 2, 2020.

Amendment A  re language improvements

Amendment Proposal A
This series of changes updates the Constitution and By-Laws to use gender neutral terms and to correct inconsistent use of certain defined terms. For example, the pronoun “He” referencing the President would be replaced with “The President.” These updates make no substantive changes to the meaning or intent of any provisions of the Constitution or By-Laws.

Amendment B re Secretary etc

This amendment addresses two issues:

The position of Secretary: This Amendment would
1) Combine the BOC officer positions of Corresponding Secretary and
Recording Secretary into a single BOC officer position of Secretary;
2) Set forth the discrete responsibilities of the Secretary with clarity and in a manner aligned with New York State Law, the needs of the League, and good practices;
3) Provide support for the Secretary by authorizing the appointment of one or more
Assistant Secretaries, who could be League staff, since the League staff
carries out many of the Secretary responsibilities.

Whether all Board Members are “Officers:” The Amendment would remove the designation of all BOC members as officers in the Constitution, because “officers” has a defined meaning in the law which may not apply to all Board members. This action would not have any immediate effect, because Board members are also considered officers in the By-Laws. But because the Constitution can only be amended at the December annual meeting, this change provides flexibility in case we decide to make a similar change to the By-Laws in 2021.

Amendment C re Electronic Participation in Meetings

Amendment Proposal C
The primary purpose of this Amendment is to expressly permit electronic participation in League meetings to the extent permitted by law, as well as clarifying other language concerning meetings. (The League has been conducting electronic meetings this year under special New York State rules put into place during the COVID emergency.)

Amendment D re Constitution on Membership copy

Amendment Proposal D
This Amendment would clarify that Members can be elected at the Annual Meeting as well as other Member meetings in addition to just at Business Meetings.

Markup of ASL-CONSTITUTION-BY-LAWS-2020-Edition 20200812 with Proposed December Amendments