Leonid Gervits

Leonid Gervits, Reclining Nude from the Back, 2006, oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches

Leonid Gervits graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Repin Institute, in St. Petersburg, Russia, where his mastery of art was honed by deep-rooted European traditions of figurative art. After postgraduate studies, he became a professor at the Repin Institute of the National Academy of Fine Arts. In 1991, Mr. Gervits moved to the United States.

He has exhibited widely around the world, from Japan to Spain, and has had one-man exhibitions at Princeton University; the Dow Jones Gallery; Medici House Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland; 1100 Madison Gallery, New York City; the Pushkin Museum, Odessa, Ukraine; the Pushkin Preserve–Museum in Pskov region, Russia; the Santa Fe Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; and the Tiroche Auction House, Herzliya, Israel.

Mr. Gervits’s work is in numerous private and international collections in France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Japan, and the United States. His work is also in many public collections, including the National Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg; the State Art Museum and the Pushkin Museum, both in Odessa, Ukraine; the Pushkin Preserve–Museum in Pskov region, Russia; the Yevgenii Yevtushenko Art Museum in Moscow, Russia; and other museums (total of twelve) in Russia and Ukraine.

Mr. Gervits also holds the rank of Honorable Academic from the Russian Academy of Arts. He is represented by Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York.




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Gervits painting
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Gervits painting
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