In Memoriam

The below lists, in alphabetical order, members of our community who have passed recently. To share your memories and condolences, please visit The League’s Facebook page.

The League Remembers:

Stephen Balkin, Life Member
Jackie Braverman
Daryl B. Cooper, Life Member and Monitor
Terence Coyle, Instructor Emeritus
Arlene D’Arienzo, League Member
Harvey Dinnerstein, Instructor Emeritus
Ralph Erman
Carmen Frank, Life member
Ronald Pratt Fritz, Life member
Isolina Gerona, Life Member
Larry Glickman
Richard Husson, Life Member and Monitor
Grace Knowlton, Instructor
Mi Jung Kwon, Student
Knox Martin, Instructor Emeritus
John Joseph Miller, Jr.
Christophe Nayel, Model
Bill Negron
Henry Oelkers, Model
Rochelle ‘Shelli’ Robiner-Ardizzone, Life Member
Jane Rudofker
Elena Saftoiu
Rhea Sanders
Ray Shanfeld
Arnold Skolnick, Life Member
Donald Ventura