How it Works

The Art Students League of New York has been making high-quality, studio-based
art education accessible to all for almost 150 years.

The League hosts over 100 classes and workshops, taught in-studio and online. There are no applications, no prerequisites. Our affordable, month-to-month tuition allows students to find their freedom and pursue an art education free from the constraints of dogma. 

Join your fellow artists in classes taught by renowned instructors who create an environment built on mentorship, collegiality, and diverse art-making practices. Classes are offered in  painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and assemblage.

The League has been offering in-person, atelier-style art education at our headquarters on 57th Street in Manhattan for decades. Renovations and updates to the building’s infrastructure and health and safety measures have been made to ensure we can continue to do so for decades to come.

To read more about our guidelines for in-person classes, and how we’re keeping our community of students, teachers, models, and staff healthy and safe, click here.

In-Person Studio Classes

At our headquarters on 57th Street, League instructors teach in one of two formats: month-to-month classes, and short-term workshops.

Our classes meet continually throughout the year and are designed for students and instructors to develop lasting relationships based on mentorship and atelier-style apprenticeship. Many of our students attend classes with the same instructors for several years.

Class registration occurs on a month-to-month basis so that we can allow students flexibility without requiring a lengthy commitment. It’s easy to join any class at any time, and to take multiple classes at a time or throughout the year.

The League offers classes during the day and through the evening. Classes that are designated “full-time” meet five days a week. “Part-time” classes meet once or twice a week, including on weekends. All classes are open to anyone who wishes to take them. Most classes are designed to accommodate beginner and advanced students alike.

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Students who can’t commit to a month-long class, or who want to immerse themselves more intensely in a new technique or approach, may be interested in one of our short-term workshops.

Our workshops are often taught by the same renowned League instructors that teach our classes, and sometimes by special guest instructors who provide a specific skill or teach a particular technique not otherwise offered at The League. Workshops may only last a week, or even a weekend, but often meet for more hours than our month-to-month classes do—making them the perfect opportunity to dive deep into something new, regardless of whether you’re an experienced artist.

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e-telier online classes

Since the spring of 2021, thousands of students have been improving their art working in The League’s e-telier™ program of online classes, which connects our legendary instructors with artists from around the world.

e-telier classes run month-to-month and are built on the Canvas learning platform. Instructors use Zoom to hold live class discussions and demonstrations from their home studios, so there’s no need to familiarize yourself with new technology. e-telier classes continue The League’s commitments to affordability and flexibility, furthering The League’s mission to make high-quality art education more accessible.

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For questions about registration or our class schedule, please contact the Registration Office at 212-247-4510 and select 6. To see our complete registration policies, click here.