We Fancy: A Legacy of LGBTQIA+ Artists at the League

We Fancy…A Legacy of LGBTQIA+ Artists at the League

Curated by Eric Shiner
Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, 2nd floor
October 27–November 27, 2022

This exhibition celebrates LGBTQIA+ artists at the League, including Chitra Ganesh, Judith Godwin, Robert Rauschenberg, Emilio Sanchez, and Cy Twombly. Over the decades, they have played a unique role in laying the foundation for the acceptance and popularization of queer aesthetics. Today, their works continue to echo the vastness of the queer experience within and beyond the League. 

The exhibition features a site-specific commissioned work by Chicago based artist and former League student Ajmal MAS MAN Millar.

Featured Artists:
Ajmal MAS MAN Millar, Alvin Gill-Tapia, Andrew Drilon, Bernard Perlin, Carrie Gleason, Cazola+Saleme, Chitra Ganesh, Chuck Nitzberg, Coco Dolle, Cy Twombly, David J. Marchi, Deborah Kass, Dominique Medici, Doug Safranek, Edith Isaac-Rose, Emilio Sanchez, George Tooker , Gerald Simcoe, Harold Stevenson, Jared French, Joe Eula, Juan Hinojosa, Judith Godwin, Kenneth Paul Block, Naruki Kukita, Neil A. Lane, PaJaMa, Paul Cadmus, Paul Thek, Robert Rauschenberg, Sonja Sekula, and William Behnken

We Fancy Opening Reception
October 27, 6-8 PM

Gallery Hours
Monday – Friday, 10 am – 9 pmSaturday – Sunday 10 am – 4 pm



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