The Annual Instructor Salon 2021

Since the late nineteenth century, The Art Students League of New York has launched its Fall exhibition season with a presentation of work by current League instructors. Notable artists who have had their work displayed as a part of this historic tradition include Peggy Bacon, Thomas Hart Benton, William Merritt Chase, Norman Lewis, Charles Alston, Hilda Terry D’Alessio, Robert Henri, and Anita Steckel, just to name a few. This year’s exhibition features work by 85 accomplished, diverse League instructors, and exemplifies their resiliency and innovation in these unprecedented times. The exhibition reflects the broad range of approaches and techniques of these contemporary artists, and in doing so, also reflects the breadth of the instruction available at The League. For the first time, this year’s exhibition will exhibit work by instructors who have spent their past year adapting their practices to a rapidly changing environment, while connecting with more students than ever before in online classes. This Fall, students and instructors alike are returning The League, not only to recover an essential element that’s been missing in their lives, but also to celebrate the exciting new milestones adaptability and perseverance have allowed The League to reach. This year’s Annual Instructor Salon, after a year of much-needed reflection, foreshadows our creative future.

To learn more about this year’s exhibition, and see the full list of featured instructors, see our exhibition page. If you are planning to attend, we ask that you RSVP via the link above for informational purposes. A ticket or reservation is not required to enter the gallery or see the exhibition.

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Image Credit:

Doug Safranek, Maize and Capsicum, 2018

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