Exhibition Outreach: Fire and Ice
at One Brooklyn Bridge Park


*PLEASE NOTE: On Wednesday, 11/17, the Gallery will open at 12:30pm*

For Fire and Ice, the latest edition of The League’s Exhibition Outreach program, presented in partnership with ChaShaMa, we asked League artists to explore the difference between fire’s glow and frost’s glitter. At Fire and Ice, viewers will walk through a vault of dreams and memories of the season, sentineled by its warmest and coldest imagery. A network of steel rods creates a sculpture of fire so dimensional that its shadow becomes a plume of smoke over its form. Translucent washes and thick strokes of blue and white create distinctive scenes of snow.

This torch-lit excavation tells the story of fall and winter, and it tells another story too. While Fire and Ice first promises tension between opposing forms, this collection of works is ultimately a composition of harmony—a call and response of relationships. It therefore reflects the nature of the work that faces artists, and the work that faces us all as we continue to trudge through uncertainty. We are finding balance as the world blows hot and cold. We are searching for the warmth that will melt what has been frozen. We are searching for the cool center that lives within the heat of panic. Come explore how the work of these artists transcends a dichotomy and reminds us that it is all of a piece. Come light a candle and leave your footprints in the snow.


Image Credit: Milan Sharma, Broome

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