Health and Safety at The League

Only persons who can show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 will be admitted to The League and allowed to take in-studio classes.

Furthermore, masks are required to be worn at all times on The League’s premises.

(Fully vaccinated means two shots of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine; one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or the appropriate regime of other approved vaccines.)

Update: September 1, 2021

As a public institution, The League is subject to Mayor de Blasio’s “Key to NYC” executive order. As a result, The League is now “required to check the vaccination status of all staff and customers 12 and older” entering our building.

As of September 7, 2021 all League visitors, students, guests, instructors, staff, and anyone else who enters The League’s premises must be prepared to comply with the terms of the executive order. See below for more details on how The League will enforce the vaccine requirement, and what you can do to help us make our compliance with the executive order as seamless and convenient as possible.

Our Guidelines

Our ability to remain open safely depends on you. It is of the utmost importance that our students and visitors follow these guidelines. The League reserves the right to ask those who do not follow these guidelines to leave the premises.


  • Only persons presenting valid proof of vaccination status will be allowed to enter The League. We will be checking proofs at the door. To avoid long, crowded lines at the door, please take out your proof and have it ready to be viewed upon arrival.
  • Valid proof of vaccination include:
  • We are in the process of collecting valid proofs from students registered for September. We will have staff available on-site to sticker the League IDs of students who have already submitted their vaccination proof or who wish to present their proof in person. Students who arrive without submitting a proof beforehand will make their way to a table in The League lobby where they will present their proof and sign an “attestation” form. The next time you come to The League, please bring your ID or be ready to request a new one.
  • Please note that even with our vaccine requirement, our other Health and Safety guidelines are still in effect, including our mask and social distancing requirements. See below under “Other Safety Guidelines” for more information.
  • For students who are not vaccinated or who are not comfortable attending in-studio classes, we are fortunate to be able to continue to offer our popular e-telier online classes, taught by 50 League Instructors.
  • If you have any questions about how our vaccination policy might pertain to you personally, please email our confidential health support line, [email protected].

Other Safety Guidelines

  • The League is continuing to operate under a mask mandate for all visitors. Face coverings are required at all times, regardless of the fact that you have received a COVID-19 vaccine. You will not be permitted inside The League without a face covering, and face coverings must be worn for the duration of your stay. CDC guidelines advise that face coverings should:
    • Reach above the nose, below the chin, and completely cover the mouth and nose
    • Fit snugly against the sides of the face
  • We are continuing to social distance. Our updated guidelines for physical social distancing require all visitors to maintain at least three feet from others.
  • We ask that you continue to practice good hygiene. Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Please report unsafe conditions or concerns. A confidential League email address has been set up so staff, students, and/or visitors can report COVID-19 related health concerns: [email protected].

The following standard guidelines also remain in effect:

  • There is no food or drink allowed in our studios, and The Cafe will be closed for the time being.
  • There is no smoking or vaping allowed on The League’s premises.
  • Students and guests are not permitted to use cell phones during class.
  • There is no photography of any kind permitted in the studios without express prior permission.
  • Class Monitors are in charge of the studios, under the guidance of The League Administration.