Unraveling the Design Structures of Pictorial Space in Western Painting (online)

Michael Burban

Titan, "Venus of Urbino," 1538, Oil on canvas, 46 9/10 × 65 in
Michael Burban

Class Description

By making diagrams and drawings from images of paintings by Western masters we will discuss, explore, and seek out the underlying structural elements that these artists used to create powerful visual designs and unified illusions of pictorial space.

About the Instructor

Michael Burban is a New York based artist who works in drawing, painting, and installation media. In addition to The Art Students League of New York, he has taught and lectured at The National Academy of Design, Cooper Union and Columbia University to name a few. Mr. Burban has also coordinated painting and drawing workshops in the States and abroad. His book Lessons from Michelangelo was published by Watson-Guptill (1986). He has exhibited at at several New York area galleries and his drawings are in many private collections.

“I have sown the seeds of faithfulness. I have drawn wonderful pictures and opened so many curtains. Maybe you will get to know us.”    —Rumi

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