Sculpting in Wax (online class, afternoons)

Oscar Garcia

Oscar Garcia, Mena, 2009, Bronze, 15 x 7 x 8 inches

Class Description

The Sculpting in Wax class considers material, and the original as the bases for exploring Bronze Casting.  Unlike the objective of other bronze casting class or of a traditional foundry, where many artist proofs, plaster casts and several stages of mold making occur to perfect the one bronze cast, Instructor Oscar Garcia focuses on creative and critical thinking in the realm of sculpture making. First and foremost, the wax is the primary sculpting material.  In learning to sculpt with wax students will learn the value of the original.  Students are taught sculpture on a one to one bases with the instructor.  They bring their concepts and are assisted with resources in their sculptural pursuit.  When students arrive at a finished wax sculpture they take there original and reinvent the wheel through this personal experience with the ancient means of bronze casting.  In combining creativity and technique a students strengthens there aptitude for sculpture with every variation of work they produce and bronze pour they participate in. Once in bronze students will experience chasing: a technique of hammering out the imperfections and punching in the new with a variety of steel tools, and patination: a chemical reaction to finish the surface of the bronze with the discoloration of purposeful or accidental intent.

About the Instructor

Oscar Garcia is a Peruvian sculptor, descended from a long line of sculptors and foundry artisans. He grew up assisting master artists with public commissions and received both his BFA and MFA from the Fine Arts School of Lima. During his studies, Garcia became one of the master artists for public commissions, and was regularly engaged by the church, government, and military. In 2003, Garcia came to New York. His extensive knowledge of foundry work, wood and stone carving, and modeling with clay and wax (both figurative and abstract) has made Garcia’s Sculpting in Wax class a popular one at The Art Students League.

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