Lecture Series: Anatomy for Artists Online

Michael Burban

Michael Burban

Class Description

Anatomy for Artists
with Michael Burban

This special lecture series provides an in-depth study of human anatomy for artists. League Instructor Michael Burban will give a series of lecture demonstrations on drawing the structural forms of the human figure. Mr. Burban is the author of Lessons from Michelangelo: Figure Drawing Based on Techniques of the Master.

Please note: This is a lecture-based class; there will be no assignments or critiques.

4 Forms of the head: skull and featured
11 Features continued. The vertebral column
18 Ribcage
25 Pelvis

4 Neck and chest
11 Chest continued and abdomen
18 Abdomen continued and the back
25 Thigh and gluteal forms

1 Leg and knee
8 The foot and arm
15 The arm continued
22 The hand

About the Instructor

Michael Burban is a New York based artist who works in drawing, painting, and installation media. In addition to The Art Students League of New York, he has taught and lectured at The National Academy of Design, Cooper Union and Columbia University to name a few. Mr. Burban has also coordinated painting and drawing workshops in the States and abroad. His book Lessons from Michelangelo was published by Watson-Guptill (1986). He has exhibited at at several New York area galleries and his drawings are in many private collections.

“I have sown the seeds of faithfulness. I have drawn wonderful pictures and opened so many curtains. Maybe you will get to know us.”    —Rumi

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