Drawing and Painting

Donna Mitchell

Donna Mitchell

Class Description

Class is open to students of all levels who want to develop work that reflects a personal vision based on an interest in Modernism. Images to be discussed are sent on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Critiques are given by phone and email on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1 – 3pm.

About the Instructor

Donna Mitchell spent ten years in Paris attending art history lectures at the Sorbonne and painting and drawing classes at the Academy Julian. When she returned to New York she caught up with childhood friend James Kronen, later exhibiting at his gallery:

“Through Jimmy I enjoyed friendship with the witty, frighteningly intuitive Charles Egan, and the most kind, most generous Harvard Arnason. Between their combined insights and understandings—in addition to introducing me to artists whose ideas, and ways of working were new to me—my world expanded. I found myself squarely in the present. Now I have the opportunity to share what I’ve been given.”

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