Help Resources for e-telier Courses in Canvas

The Art Students League is proud to be launching e-telier™, our new program of online classes designed to provide an art education founded on The League’s studio-based practices to students anywhere in the world. e-telier™ is powered by the Canvas, a leading Learning Management system used by art schools and universities around the world.

Below you’ll find information about Canvas and some helpful tips to help you use it. For any questions regarding Canvas or your League class, please email [email protected]

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS), a tool used by schools throughout the country to support and organize online learning. Canvas is the leading LMS used by colleges and universities and a prominent provider to K-12 schools and community colleges. Canvas serves 6,000 institutions—including other leading art schools like RISD and Parsons—and has 30 million users.

Why is The League Using Canvas?

The League is investing in a LMS in order to enhance the online class experience for our students, make the classes easier to deliver and administer, and help us continue to attract students from around the country and the world to expand The League’s community of artists.

For example, Canvas will help students and instructors easily access Zoom class links, share files, and communicate with each other—all in one place. Canvas will not replace Zoom. You will still have your regular live, interactive classes each week on Zoom; Canvas is a place where all the other aspects of an online class are organized.

How do I sign up for Canvas?

When you register for a League class in your usual way (via phone, in person or online), you will also be automatically registered for Canvas if your class is using it. You will receive an email from Canvas with any necessary information.  Here’s how to get started:

1) Register for your League class by visiting online registration or calling 212-246-4510 and entering #6.

2) Within a couple minutes of completing your League registration, you will receive two emails from Canvas. Open the email entitled “Finish Registration: Canvas.” It will have this content:

“From: Instructure Canvas <[email protected]>
Subject: Finish Registration: Canvas
Click here to finish the registration process
You have been registered for a Canvas account at The Art Students League Of New York! Before you can log in and start using Canvas, you’ll need to finish the configuration process.”

3) Click on the blue link in that email. You will reach a webpage that says “Welcome Aboard!” This shows that your Login ID for Canvas will be your email address and you can set own your password.

4) Once you enter your information on that page, and click the register button, you will reach your Canvas “Dashboard.” At the top will be a notification to accept an invitation to join your class. Click on “Accept.” You will see your class listed in the dashboard and can double click on it to reach the home page of your class. It will be helpful to bookmark this page.

You will have access to your class on Canvas even though it doesn’t start until the first of the next month. Your Instructor and TA will still be setting up the class in Canvas, but you can look around a little if you want to get acquainted with Canvas ahead of time. If you have questions or ideas, please share them to [email protected] If you need help, please email [email protected]

What if I registered for a class and didn’t receive a registration email from Canvas?

The email comes from Instructure Canvas ([email protected]).

If you can’t find it please check your spam folder.

If you can’t find the email in your spam folder, please email [email protected]g for help.

I’ve registered with Canvas but I forget where to log in ?

What is my user name and password?

Your username is the email you use in your registration with the League. You set up your password the first time you log in.

If you forget your password, go here: and click on “Forgot Password?”

For any questions or suggestions about Canvas and your League class, please email [email protected]

Video Tutorials

These helpful tutorials were created by League TAs Mira and Dale. Many thanks to them.

Tips for Using Canvas On Your Computer through a Browser

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Tips for Using the Canvas “APP” on your iPad or Phone

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