Board and Staff

Board of Control 2021

President: Robin Lechter Frank
Vice President:
Charlotte Bialek

Vice President:
Charles van Horne

Board Members
Beth E. Berns
Cathy Blake
Marcie Bronkar
Charles (Sincero) Chenet
Jack Gordon
Jack Howard-Potter
Stephen Rosenthal
Jacquetta Szathmari
Brian Zukauskas

Staff Directory

Michael Hall
Artistic/Executive Director

Valentine Aprile
Model Services Manager

Stephanie Cassidy
Head of Research and Archives

Katharine Cevallos
Manager of International,
Veteran Certificate Programs & Services/PDSO

Kenneth David
Facilities Director

Karen Gaines
Chief Financial Officer

Denise L. Greene
Director of Community Programs

Rajdai Hardowar

Marqurs Hinson
Day Facilities Manager

Zoe Kaplan
Development Associate

Anki King
Associate Director,
Gallery and Exhibitions

Elizabeth Kingman
Director of Development

Paul Livornese
Marketing & Creative
Services Director

Elise Levinger
Manager, Institutional Giving

Ken Park
Special Projects

Eric J. Raff
Human Resources Officer

Astrid Rodriguez
Manager of Administrative Services

Rudy Bravo Sagastume
Digital Communications Manager

Thomas Tacik
Manager & Executive Assistant

Robert Telenick
Director of Programs